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Empowering Every Borrower

Millions of Americans are missing out on opportunities to lower their borrowing costs by refinancing their loans.

In fact, throughout the period of low interest rates brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, over 30 million Americans missed the chance to refinance their loans at historically low rates. Nearly 50% of those borrowers stated that they have never even thought about refinancing their loans.



Universal Access to
Lending Support

Why should you have to visit online lending marketplaces every week, month or year to compare your rates? The onus is placed upon the borrower because the business models for other lending marketplaces prioritize selling leads to lenders rather than providing value to borrowers.

All online lending marketplaces (including us) make money by selling leads to lenders. That's why the industry has optimized their customer experience for clicks instead of delivering value. They'd rather get you to come back to their website regularly so they can sell your leads multiple times, rather than alerting you to when the time is actually right for you to refinance. This is why you receive relentless emails from these companies with misleading headlines.

MonitorMyRefi is designed so that every borrower, regardless of their financial literacy, can benefit from refinancing. In this day and age there are services to monitor everything from your heart rate to your monthly subscriptions. We think that borrowers should be able to monitor their loans without having to go digging for refinancing opportunities on their own.

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Hear From The Borrowers Who
Trust MonitorMyRefi!

John Carter
Los Angeles, CA

Once I was notified that refinancing at a lower rate was possible, MonitorMyRefi showed me REAL rates from each lender.

William Becke

Knowing that MonitorMyRefi doesn't "sell" me data and is working on my side is really comforting. It was great just working with one company throughout the process.

Andy Smith
San Antonio, TX

I never have to wonder if I should be refinancing my loans because MonitorMyRefi is keeping track for me.